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Snake Plant

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  • The image is for reference purpose only, actual product may vary from image

  • Pot size: 4 inch

  • Plant size: 12-18 inch


The Sansevieria is the ideal expansion to any indoor nursery setting. It is a stemless evergreen lasting plant.

Sansevieria trifasciata is a types of foliage plant in the family Asparagaceae. Leaves are erect, plump, forcefully pointed, sword-molded, dark green with light dim green flat stripes. Leaves emerge in a rosette from a thick rhizome. Little fragrant greenish-white blossoms sprout on develop plants. Blooms and natural product infrequently show up on indoor plants.

The Snake plant decontaminates the air by engrossing poisons through the leaves and creating unadulterated oxygen. Truth be told, Sansevieria is a perfect houseplant.

Regular name(s): Snake plant, relative tongue, tongue of a fallen angel

Blossom hues: Greenish-white

Blossom time: Spring, Summer

Max reachable tallness: Up to 4 feet

Trouble to develop: Easy to develop

Planting and care

Snake plants produce rhizomes and are effectively isolated. Despite the fact that this should be possible whenever, spring is ideal. Your recently engendered plants will likewise become quicker as summer is developing season.

You can likewise proliferate snake plants through leaf cuttings. Simply slice 2 to 3-inch bits of a leaf and spot them around 1 inch somewhere down in soil fitting for snake plants. Make a point to plant cuttings looking up, a similar heading they were developing


Snake Plant