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Philodendron Lemon Lime

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Philodendron "lemon lime" : brilliant colours for your family room The philodendron "Lemon...

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Philodendron "lemon lime" : brilliant colours for your family room

The philodendron "Lemon Lime" is a houseplant not normal and in this manner bizarre and specific. Its foliage is brilliant yellow in shading which at that point goes to lime green with the maturing of the plant. Its falling stems can become long enough, so it is conceivable to prune it to carry it to the ideal length. Its rich however brilliant bearing will add a magnificently tropical highlight to any space in your home. It is an incredibly fascinating plant since, similar to all other Pilodendro species, developing it produces elevated roots that - in its common living space - permit it to stick to the trees on which it lives, nearly grasping them: in reality its name gets from here! We likewise include that the "Lemon Lime" philodendron is in the main 10 plants ready to improve the nature of the air we inhale and limit household contamination. Channels numerous contaminations including formaldehyde, present in rugs, furniture and family unit cleaning items, powerful against electromagnetic waves.

Philodendron "lemon lime": how to care ? 

Brightness and Exposure: The philodendron "Lemon Lime" is amazingly simple to grow. It cherishes bright light but not introduction to direct sunlight. The sunlight filtered through a curtain would be the perfect arrangement. Fears cold air flows and thus it is prudent to keep it shielded throughout the winter months.

Water system: During spring and summer the soil ought to be kept wet but not doused. Additionally in the late spring months it is acceptable practice to splash the leaves. Throughout the winter it is fitting to thin the waterings and watch that the dirt is dry between wetting. The "Lemon Lime" philodendron acknowledges a decent degree of mugginess that encourages it flourish and flourish.

Treatment: the preparations must be done during the vegetative period. We suggest an exceptional manure for green plants.

N.B. The details portrayed above may shift contingent upon the atmosphere of the zone in which the plant is set and the season.


Philodendron Lemon Lime