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Methi Kasturi - Desi Vegetable Seeds

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About Methi Kasturi Fenugreek, Latin name Trigonella foenum-graecum, is a yearly herb...

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About Methi Kasturi

Fenugreek, Latin name Trigonella foenum-graecum, is a yearly herb local to South Europe and Asia. The plant develops rapidly to 2 feet tall and fixes nitrogen into the dirt. White or yellow blossoms show up in the late-spring and create yellow-earthy colored seed units in the fall.

This vegetable plant is utilized for food, flavoring, fixings, medication, color and animals scavenge. The plant and seed radiate a maple smell and taste. This herb is delicate and doesn't endure frosty climate, so the seeds are developed throughout the spring after the last ice happens.

Planting And Care

The plant doesn't care to be transplanted after germination, so the seeds ought to be planted at the last spot
Or on the other hand you can plant seeds in biodegradable pots which can be put straightforwardly into the ground later on
Sow seeds around 5 mm profound and 50 mm separated in straight line channels for seed planting
You can likewise plant the seeds in bungle designs
In stead of planting in channels, you can simply sprinkle the seeds on the bed and spread with soil
Water well and keep soil all around dampened
Seeds will grow in 3-5 days
In the regions of ice, it might be begun inside 5 weeks before the last ice of the period
The seedlings can be transplanted outside when the dirt temperature is around 15°C (60°F)
I sow seeds each 2-3 weeks in the season, so when the primary arrangement of plants pass on, I am having the following set to get new methi

Methi Kasturi Care

Pick a reasonable spot for planting
Pick a situation in full sun and with soil that is of acceptable to rich quality and depletes well
The soil ought to have a pH of around 6-7
Maintain a strategic distance from chilly, wet soils as these will cause fenugreek seeds to decay
As a vegetable, fenugreek adds nitrogen to the soil, making it valuable as a spread harvest reestablishing nitrogen to the dirt


Methi Kasturi - Desi Vegetable Seeds