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Fennel Seeds

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Fennel is a flowering plant species that comes from the family of...

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Fennel is a flowering plant species that comes from the family of carrot. This perennial herb has feathery foliage and yellow flowers. It is also called as the grown-up dill with a more pronounced aniseed flavor

How To Grow Fennel Herb Seeds

Introduction and Uses: Fennel is a beautiful, biennial herb with a long and varied history of use. Its feathery and fern-like foliage, adds both color and texture to your garden. This erect plant with finely dissected aromatic leaves boasts a strong, licorice-like flavor. The Egyptians and the Chinese used it for medicinal purposes only. During the Middle Ages, it was believed to drive away evil spirits. Eventually, people recognized it for flavoring eggs and fish. Today, its anise flavor makes it a favorite of chefs globally.
Note that Fennel is not a companion plant for your kitchen garden. It actually inhibits the growth in kohlrabi, bush beans, tomatoes, and others. You can plant it, but do keep it out of your vegetable garden.

Botanical Name: Foeniculum vulgare.


Fennel seeds can be sown throughout the year.
  • Step 1:Soak seeds in lukewarm water overnight before sowing.
  • Step 2:Seeds can be sown directly in the pot/bed or in seedling trays/seed beds and later transplanted.
  • Step 3:Take off some top soil (2-3 inches) from the center of pot and make room for seed sowing.
  • Step 4:Sow few seeds of Fennel evenly in the pit and cover them back with soil.
  • Step 5:Water the the pot regularly, keep the seed sown surface damp.
  • Step 6:Fennel seeds should germinate in 7-14 days time.
  • Step 7:Thinning: Cut off extra, weak seedlings from the base after 2 weeks of germination to maintain proper spacing between plants.
  • Step 8:Once seedlings are growing, keep the Fennel container in direct sun
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