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Chives Seeds

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An herb which resembles hollow blades of grass, and the smallest member...

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An herb which resembles hollow blades of grass, and the smallest member of the onion family. Chives have a mild onion flavor. Their distinctive smell and taste is derived from a volatile oil, rich in sulphur and common to the onion family, but milder and more subtle in chives. Referred to only in the plural, because they grow in clumps rather than alone.


How To Grow Chives Herb Seeds

Introduction and Uses: Chives is a "gateway herb." It is the perennial member of the onion family. It has a light onion flavor, and its hollow, green leaves grace many cuisines.

The entire Chives plant is edible. From its leaves, blossoms, to the bulbs, all find uses in the kitchen. Pollinators love chives' vibrant, purple flowers.

Botanical Name: Allium schoenoprasum.



  • Step 1: Chives grow well in full sun (6-8 hours) as well as partial sunlight (3-4 hours)
  • Step 2: The herb prefers moist, fertile, and humus rich soil. You need to start with soil that’s loose, well drained and free of any debris. You can use soilless growing medium like Organic veggie mix.
  • Step 3: Right before you plant, incorporate 4-6 inches of a well-composted organic matter.
  • Step 4: Chives are best started by seeds. To begin, scrape away about 0.5 cm of soil and then sprinkle seeds evenly over the growing area.
  • Step 5: Chives seeds are tiny and hard to handle. You can make a small seed sower of paper contribute to making the process easier.
  • Step 6: After sowing, gently cover the seeds back over with the layer of soil (0.5 cm) that you pulled back initially.
  • Step 7: To finish up, gently firm the soil over your the area where seeds are sown.
  • Step 8: Keep the area well watered, and in less than 2 weeks you will see your chives start to sprout.


    Chives Seeds