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Celosia Plumosa

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These flowers seem as though padded tufts and the hues are energetic with...

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These flowers seem as though padded tufts and the hues are energetic with reds, oranges and yellows. The seeds are amazingly little and requires soil temperature of 60oF or hotter.

The most effective method to Grow Celosia Plumosa From Seeds:

Presentation and Uses: It is a delightful and simple to develop yearly. C. plumosa structures limited funnel shaped bloom heads. It has brilliant yellow, orange, pink and maroon-red shaded blossoms.

Cockscomb is valuable as a sheet material plant or for outskirts and pots. It very well may be utilized as a spread plant in the greenery, particularly a recently planted one.

The blossoms are reasonable for cutting and can be dried for table adornments as the dry bloom heads of cockscomb hold the hues for quite a while. The plant pulls in butterflies. Find out about how to make butterfly garden.

Organic Name: Celosia argentea var. plumosa

Basic Name: Cockscomb

Family: Amaranthaceae

Plant Origin: Tropical Asia

Proliferation Method: Direct seed planting

Blooming/Growing Season: Summer and stormy season

Daylight Requirement: Full daylight (6-8 hours)

Plant Height: 50-100 cm in summer, in excess of 100 cm in storm.

Growing Method : 

Celosia is developed by direct seed planting in pots, holders, and blossom beds.
Seeds can be planted in January and February for blooming in summer months and during May-June for blossoming in the stormy season.
The nursery soil ought to be decidedly ready and framed uniformly. Soil ought to be circulated air through, permeable with great waste.
Before planting the seeds, soil ought to be made somewhat sodden.
While planting, the seeds ought to be blended in with an equivalent amount of sand to acquire consistency.
For beds and fringes, seeds can be communicated legitimately and equitably on soil, and additional seedlings can be diminished later.
Following planting the seeds, water cautiously with a watering can.
Whenever developed by transplantation strategy, seedlings ought to be transplanted when little (2.5-3 cm) to stay away from stun.


Celosia Plumosa