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Balsam Mix

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Pack of 200 seeds Balsam plant care is easy to grow. It can...

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Pack of 200 seeds

Balsam plant care is easy to grow. It can easily resist common garden pests.The blossoms bear two fold petals and arrive in a variety of hues. Peruse more on Growing Balsam

Step by step instructions to Grow Balsam From Seeds:

Presentation and Uses: Balsam plants bear Camellia like twofold or single blossoms with changing hues, for example, rose, pink, red, red violet, salmon pink, purplish red, lilac, blue, mauve, white and so forth.
Balsam is most appropriate for developing in bloom beds, pots, ways and fringes.
Herbal Name: Impatiens balsamina.
The name is gotten from the latin word restlessness, an implication to the conduct of the organic products which, when ready, burst open on a slight weight, dissipating seeds.
Basic Name: Balsam
Family: Balsaminaceae
Plant Origin: Asia
Proliferation Method: Seed planting and transplantation
Blooming/Growing Season: Summer and Rainy season
Daylight Requirement: Full daylight (6-8 hours) or incomplete daylight (3-4 hours)
Plant Height: 30-60 cm

Growing method of Balsam Plant

  • The seeds are planted in January-February for summer blossoming and May-July for blooming in the blustery season.
  • Seeds are planted daintily in nursery beds/seed container/seedling plate.
  • Fine sandy soil is required for seedbed (Outdoors), or coco peat is utilized as planting mode for seedling plate (Indoors).
  • Before planting the seeds, soil/coco peat ought to be made marginally damp.
  • Following planting the seeds, watering ought to be done cautiously with a watering can.
  • Seedlings are permitted to develop on seedbeds/plate kept in semi conceal.
  • Transplanting of seedlings is done in pots or blossom beds at 6-leaf stage.
  • Seedlings ought to be transplanted in top notch rich soil or preparing blend.
  • On enormous blossom beds, seeds can be planted legitimately and afterward dispersed 22-30 cm separated


Balsam Mix