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Aralia Variegated Plant

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Arelia Plant A low-upkeep houseplant, aralias require minimal specific consideration and thrive...

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Arelia Plant

A low-upkeep houseplant, aralias require minimal specific consideration and thrive best in warm, sticky rooms

Light and Heat

Regardless of the species, aralia plants need light to copy the tropical atmosphere of their local Polynesia. Despite the fact that they will make due under low light as they long as they have damp soil, they do best in medium or full sun when developed inside, yet ought to be planted in obscure regions whenever put outside. Aralias incline toward temperatures somewhere in the range of 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep them inside or move them inside throughout the winter.


The slim, fine foundations of aralias are liable to decay, so permit the upper portion of the dirt to altogether dry out between waterings. Whenever developed under low light, they may require water only a single time or two times every month, so screen the dirt cautiously. In the winter, the development of aralias eases back significantly and they require even less water. On the off chance that conditions outside are wet, furnish them with asylum or move them inside to forestall root decay.

Soil, Fertilizer and Pruning

When developing aralias, utilize a light, peat-based gardening soil and spot the plant in a little pot as an insurance against overwatering. This sort of soil considers legitimate air circulation and seepage, keeping the plant's underlying foundations from getting waterlogged. Feed aralias with a granular, controlled-discharge manure with a high nitrogen content each other month. Prune the tips of aralia plants to advance the development of new leaves and to help keep up its full, rich appearance.


Aralia Variegated Plant