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Why Do You Need Plants Near You?

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Why Do You Need Plants Near You?

Plants Look Good! But that isn't all. Plants also help us to stay healthy Mentally and Physically



How Plants can help you?

  • Plants can be your best friends. 
  • Plants can help you with boosting your mood (making you feel happy)
  • Plants can help you to boost your productivity (That is why i keep plants on my office table)
  • Plants can purify your surrounding air
  • Plants Give you piece (Absorb sound)
  • Above all they add Green space near you.

Plants are much more than decorative items.They give you hope!


Plants make our lives brighter. Plants can add life to the lifeless corners and dead spaces of your home and office.Plants have therapeutic effects and colors to our lives. Be it home or office In metropolitans We are continuously exposed to pollutants and Plants remove all these pollutants naturally. Plants like Peace lily, Snake Plant, Song of India are recommended by NASA for their air purifying Qualities. Plants also absorb Carbon dioxide and help with  the Oxygen flow.

Indoor Plants remove following Harmful Toxins and Chemicals

  • Formaldehyde – commonly found in tissues, serviettes, wood products and synthetic fabrics
  • Trichloroethylene – commonly found in paint, varnishes and household cleaners
  • Benzene – commonly found in adhesives, lubricants, vehicle exhausts and detergents
  • Ammonia – commonly found in cleaning products and fertilisers
  • Xylene – commonly found in nail polish, tobacco smoke and paint

Studies have shown the importance of plants

Plants and Trees are not only good for the environment but they also help us to stay Physically and Mentally Healthy.Have you ever thought, Why do people exercise in the Green spaces?As exercising in green spaces reduces stress and Anxiety. For People like me, Plants are stress Busters.

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