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Top 3 - Easy to Grow - Indoor plants - Complete Guide

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Top 3 - Easy to Grow - Indoor plants - Complete Guide

 Complete Guide on - How to Grow the most easiest House Plants?

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Who doesn't Love Plants? New Gardeners and Plant Lovers find it difficult to choose the Right plants that can be grown easily and do not require much expertise!

In this blog, we would present you 3 Houseplant that are super easy to Grow!

Snake Plant -  Snake Plants are one of the best Easy to Grow Houseplants. They are extremely tolerant plants and able to survive in adverse conditions,Even if you abandon them for weeks.

They can thrive well in low light conditions, drought and are mostly resistant to pests. As researches conducted by NASA, Snake Plant is an Air Purifying Plant- It removes harmful chemicals like Benzene from Air.

Snake plants are perfect Houseplants.

Snake Plants can be easily grown from old Plants by simply cutting the leaves and Planting them in Soil.Keep in mind there should be a proper  drainage hole in the pot as roots of snake plants can easily rot.

Leaf cutting is the best and most common way to propagate Snake Plants.

Rubber Plant : Ficus Elastica commonly called as Rubber Plant is a widely used house plant. It is loved because of its thick waxy leaves. Rubber Plants adapt better to the environment when you raise them as little plants. They can attain good heights in a few years.

Why are they called rubber plants?

They are called rubber plants because of their sap as it is mostly used to make rubber.

Rubber Plants Grow well and can achieve impressive heights if given the right and balanced amount of Light and water.

If they drop their lower leaves, its a hint for you they need light or water.

Three Important Points to remember about Rubber Plants

  • Rubber plants thrive well with Indirect bright sunlight.
  • Rubber  Plants need a balanced temperature as well. They thrive well between 60 F TO 75F.They love moist and humid environments as they belong to tropicals.
  • In summer, Rubber plants require more sunlight as it is their growing season.

Money Plants : Money plants are available in different varieties like Golden Money Plant, Green Money Plant, Marble Prince and white Pothos.

Money Plants are commonly found everywhere be it home or office. They are wide used houseplants for home decor. They are loved because of their Foliage and adaptability to grow.

They have countless benefits, some of these are mentioned below

They act as Air purifiers - They increase the oxygen flow by absorbing Pollutants such as such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, and Xylene from Indoor air

They are Anti radiators - Money plants absorb radiations from Computers, Laptops , Mobiles or other electronic gadgets, thus work as stress busters as well.

They are considered as Good luck plants - As they bring prosperity and wealth

Money Plants grow well when given an adequate amount of water, they do survive with under watering but overwatering can be detrimental.Money Plants love shady areas and thrive well in Indirect sunlight. Money plants can be fed with fertilizers once a month.


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