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How to Care for Your Piece Lily Plant?

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How to Care for Your Piece Lily Plant?

Peace Lily Care

piece lily


Peace lilies are excellent and most widely used house plants. They are loved because of their Great foliage,White flowers and Air purifying Properties.They are recommended by NASA for their air purifying qualities. Also they are easy to grow houseplants.

Peace lilies are evergreen plantsThey thrive best in Dappled sunlight and Moist soils. With Indirect good sunlight, Piece lilies may bloom flowers during summer or through the summer.

Piece lilies thrive best in Good amount of Indirect sunlight and Moist Soil, But overwatering can be dangerous for piece lilies. Piece lilies can adapt in low watering conditions but overwatering for them is really not a Good idea.

Piece lilies can adapt to drought conditions certainly, You can wait for your piece lily plant to droop and then watering it,this practice would not harm your plant

How to check if Your piece lily plant needs watering?

This is simple! Just touch the top of the soil and check if it is moist or not.

If moist- no need to water. If not moist- water them- But not too much!Period

piece lily

Important points to keep in Mind

  • Piece lilies do noy require frequent repotting. Repotting them annually can be the best practice.
  • Check the pot- It should have proper drainage ( Remember-- Overwatering?)
  • Piece lilies are highly sensitive to chemicals like fluoride(Commonly present in tap water)
  • Piece lilies are Tropical Plants - Keep enough Temperatures.
  • Pierce lilies do not require too much fertilizers. Fertilize them once in Six months.
  • Piece lilies flower when exposed to adequate amount of indirect sunlight (Avoid Afternoon sunlight)

Common Diseases

  • Yellow Leaves - Commonly happens due to Overwatering and Underwatering
  • Brown leaf tips - Happens when peace lilies are exposed to direct sunlight
  • Pests / Bugs - Can easily accommodate within the plant if allowed, however continuous check and prevent this.

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